About BEST

      BEST Academy is an institute of Arts, Science & Commerce. It is a newly established academy in Bokakhat, Jyotipur in the year 2019, which provides both English and Assamese as a medium of education for higher secondary 1st and 2nd year students under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC).

      BEST Academy is actually an outcome of some positive thoughts of a group of responsible people representing a society called Bokakhat Educational Search for Talent (BEST) formed in the year 2017. A lot of influential & well known people are associated with this academy. BEST Academy is truly a proper platform to walk towards the rising sun and achieve a bright and successful career. We believe that if one can conquer himself or herself then that person can conquer the world too. And here in BEST Academy we help you conquering yourself.

From Principal’s Desk

Mr. Pabitra Gogoi





Our Vision & Mission


  • Quality & concept based Education.
  • State of Art Approach.
  • Discovering Inherent Talents.
  • Educate one to all.
  • Inspiring Minds towards Innovation.
  • Efficiency Based Success.
  • Empowering Future.